Chrono Defense

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Chrono Defense
Chrono Defense.png
Location: Ural Mountains, USSR

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Protect the Soviet Battle Labs

[edit] Overview

Nearly in their moment of their great victory, the Soviet Union has suffered a setback. Premier Romanov is now sick and unable to perform his Premier duties. Nevertheless, the Allies are going to continue to re-take their ground from the Soviets. They have begun now to use their Chronoshpere which can transport matter from point A to point B instantly. Their target is their new Laboratory in the Ural Mountains (which contain the plans for possibly the Soviets' strongest battle implement: The Apocalypse Tank). Your mission is to protect the Lab from the Allied Chronoshpere attacks.

[edit] Tatics

This mission is unlike the other missions in the Soviet campaign. In this mission, you must protect your base (the Battle Lab especially). The Allies will attack you from virtually all sides in intervals around 3 to 5 minutes. You must build up your base quickly so you can build up a strong defense aorund it consisting of Sentry Guns Flak Cannons and Tesla Coils. You also must have a strong unit force as well because the Allies will use their forces in mass consisting of G.I.s, Rocketeers, Attack Dogs, Grizzly Tanks, Harriers and even Spies (because you must worry about spies, train attack dogs to eliminate them) they will also use a new unit: the Prism Tank which can eliminate your base in a flash if you do not deal with them right away. Pay attention to Lieutenant Zofia as she will tell you when the Allies will attack. During this mission, you will be informed that the Allies are also using some kind of propaganda truck which will command civilians to attack your base, once you have a strong enough force (and during one of the lulls of the Allied attacks) destroy the truck, by doing so you will reveal the entire battlefield as well as a substantial resource increase. Continue building base defenses and units to protect the base as much as you can. Make sure you have every plane covered (land & air) to ensure you will do your job in this mission.

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