Hostile Shores

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Hostile Shores
Hostile Shores.png
Location: Florida

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Establish a Base
  • 2. Eliminate all Allied activity in the area

[edit] Overview

The Soviets have successfully invaded the United States on both sides of the coast. However, the Allies are now conisdering on using their powerful navy in order to launch at any Soviet occupation around the country. Your mission is to establish a Soviet naval base to protect and ensure the Soviet Union's grip on the United States. You will be accompanied by General Vladimir on this mission.

[edit] Tatics

You will see General Vladimir destroy parts of an Allied base on the area where your forces will come ashore. As you deploy your forces onto the beach-head in Florida, command your MCV to unfold at the center of the beach. As you begin to build up your base, protect it from the constant attacks from an Allied Base to the south. However do not attack this base just yet, your focus should be the Allied fleet which is to the south as well. Once you build a Naval Shipyard, you will receive reinforcements consisting of Typhoon Submarines, build 10 more of these Submarines to take on the Allied Destroyers. While your Submarines take on the Allied fleet, begin building 20 Rhino Tanks and 30 Conscripts to attack the rest of the base that is on land. Take advantage of some of the petroleum barrells laced around the base, they can make your job of destroying the base a lot easier.

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