Marked of Kane

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The Marked of Kane are a Cyborg sub faction in the Brotherhood of Nod under the command of LEGION. "Chosen" soldiers of Kane and defending the ideas of Nod. Unlike the Black Hand, Marked of Kane forces are masters of covert and unconventional tactics, and use state of the art technology and advancements in Tiberium

[edit] History

The Marked are a result of experiments authorized personally by Kane to create a completely loyal unit of cybernetically and Tiberium enhanced soldiers, completely without emotions which could betray the Brotherhood.

In underground labs in the Red Zones of Central Asia and Russia, the Marked were secretly created. Scientists working on the Marked were technological fanatics, using corpses of deceased Nod soldiers in their terrifying experiments. The project's existence was hidden from the Brotherhood should it cause internal strife or uproar. Despite the remote location of the secret labs a few people managed to stumble upon the project. Mostly however Nod followers dismissed these tales as ghost stories while the Brotherhood Commanders denied the existence of any such experiments.Due to humanity's troublesome experience with cybernetics in the past such as the CABAL Insurrection , many of the Brotherhood's own soldiers like Alexa Kovacs have expressed distrust and fear towards the Marked, despite the faction's unwavering obedience and devotion to Kane.

In 2052, the Marked were awakened by LEGION as seen in The Final Act of Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath to reclaim the Tacitus from GDI in America.

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