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Peacekeeper B.jpg
Unit Type: Frontline Infantry
Weapons: .12 Gauge Shotgun, Riot Shield
Special Ability: Riot Movement

The new standard infantry for the Allies in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 replacing the GI is the Peacekeeper. Armed with .12 Gauge shotguns, the Peacekeeper is the most powerful(and expensive) basic infantry unit. While dealing excellent damage to other infantry, their powerful shotguns infict spread damage in a cone-shaped area. When in close-quarters, the shotgun blast will also throw enemy infantry to the ground, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Their special ability swaps out their shotguns for a Riot Shield, which makes them considerably more resistant to most weapons. When the shield is equipped, they move much slower but can easily move into knockback range or even flush infantry out from garrisoned structures.



  • "Ready sir, where's the trouble?"
  • "Peacekeeper, ready for contact."
  • "On Alert."
  • "talk to me."
  • "Standing by."
  • "Armored Spots."
  • "What's the Situation?"
  • "Tatical Unit."
  • "Right here."


  • "Scanning perimeter."
  • "10-4, sir"
  • "On Point."


  • "Securing area."
  • "Hold it, right there!"
  • "He's going down!"
  • "Consider it done."
  • "Peace out!"
  • "Tangos, dead ahead."

Under attack

  • "What happened to peace?!"
  • "We're taking fire!"
  • "Where's our backup?!"

Garrisoning a building

  • "Fort and cover!"
  • "Lock it down."
  • "Securing Building."
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