President Howard T. Ackerman

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President Howard T. Ackerman
Birthplace: An Iowa Farm, USA
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: J.K. Simmons

The newly elected president of the United States. He loves freedom as much as he loves apple pie. as being the new American president, he will assure not only his countrymen but their European neighbors that the Allies will defeat the Soivets once and for all. However, when he over heard that the Allies and the Soviets were joining forces against the Empire of The Rising Sun, he immediately resented the fact that this is really happening. Then, Ackerman revealed his true intentions , he activates a secret weapon which is embedded inside Mt. Rushmore, and intends to use his weapon against Moscow. Unofrtunately for Ackerman hia plans were halted by his won Allied army and was eliminated before he could escape.

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