President Michael Dugan

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President Michael Dugan
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois USAUS Flag.gif
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: Ray Wise

[edit] Pre Red Alert 2

President Michael Dugan is the President of the United States in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.Several years after the events of the first game, Dugan took charge of the post-war occupations in the Soviet Union. He personally, appointed Premier Alexander Romanov as the new ruler of the Soviet Union.

[edit] Red Alert 2

When Dugan received a call from General Ben Carville about the Soviet Union attacking the United States, Dugan immediately called Premier Alexander Romanov to find out what is going on, much to Dugan's dismay, Romanov really intends to attack the United States. This is when Dugan orders to launch nuclear missiles against the Soviet Union, but Yuri's psychic abilities prevented the missiles from reaching the Soviet Union, this is when Dugan ordered to move the Allied forces to defend the American coasts and borders, they succeeded. Then, Dugan fell under the influence of Yuri's latest invention, the psychic beacon. But the Allies moved quickly to destroy it and allowed Dugan to evacuate to Canada, and in Canada he sends out a message to Europe to help them in their battle against the Soviets, at first this ran into problems as they receive word that the Soviets have built Nuclear Missile Silos right at Europe's doorstep. But the Allies along with Special Agent Tanya Adams destroyed the silos, and as the Allies liberated a Soviet occupied Washington D.C. Dugan was free to come home. Then, as Carville was killed by a surprise Soviet attack, he mourns his beloved general, and he ordered the Allies to attack Moscow with the Chronoshpere. Then, he Allies stormed Moscow and captured Romanov.

[edit] Yuri's Revenge

A few months after the Allies' victory over the Soviet Union, Romanov's advisor Yuri comes out of hiding and threatens to bring the world to its knees with his system of Psychic Dominators, as Dugan sees one of these devices beginning to activate on Alcatraz Island, he sends out an air strike to destroy it, though they failed to destroy the dominator, but powered it down long enough for the Allies to use Einstein's time machine which sent back the Allies and their commander to the time where Yuri's Psychic Dominators were still in development. Then as the time when the Allies defeated the Soviets came, Dugan along with Romanov agree to sign a treaty which the Soviets joined with the Allies in their fight against Yuri, then both factions joined Antartica, where Yuri's last Psychic Dominator was located, both factions triumphed and sent Yuri into a special prison where his psychic abilities were nullified.

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