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The Great War

The Events of Red Alert Around the 1950's, Professor Albert Einstein has constructed what he calls a Chronoshpere which he can use to travel back in time. With his new Chronoshpere, he traveled back in time to the early 1920's (after the first world war) to eliminate the person who would bring the rise of Nazi Germany: Adolf Hitler. He hopes to prevent World War 2 from coming to pass. Unfortunately for Einstein, this only promoted what would be known as "The Great War" this would mean that Soviet premier Josef Stalin would use his forces to invade Europe in hopes to turn the Soviet Union into a continental state. Though the Soviets would conquer most of Eastern Europe, eventually the Western Allies have gained the upper hand ad it would not be long before the Allies were in Moscow.

The Allies liberate Eastern Europe

The Allies stormed Moscow and defeated the Soviets at their capital. Several Allied soldiers found Stalin under some rubble and are about to help him out and take him into custody, but were stopped by Nikos Stavros who told them that they do not see anybody. As the soldiers leave, Stavros sticks a cloth in Stalin's mouth and leaves him for dead. This effectively occupies the Soviet Union by the Allies. Several years after the Great War, the United States takes cahrge of the Post-War occupations in the Soviet Union with President Michael Dugan appointing Alexander Romanov who is the last blood relative of the lost Family of Tsars as Premier to ensure the relationship between the Allies and the Soviets will remain healthy. Unfortunately for the Allies, Romanov's real intention is to revive the Soviet Union the way it once was, he secretly founded the World Socialist Alliance which helped the Soviet Union re-arm and re-discover it's economical structure.

The Great War 2

The Events of Red Alert 2

The Soviets attack the United States

In 1972, Michael Dugan receives a call from General Ben Carville telling him about an unbelieveable Soviet Invasion coming to the United States. As Dugan calls Romanov to find out what is going on, he realizes what Romanov is going to do and makes an attempt to strike back at the Soviet Union with nuclear missiles, but Romanov's mysterious advisor [[Yuri prevents this from happening by using his Mind-Controlling abilities. This allows the Soviets to come at the US on all sides. However, Special Agent Tanya Adams was given an assignment to beat back the invasion in New York, though she failed to save the Statue of Liberty, but she re-established communication with Ft. Bradley allowing the Allies to finally drive the Soviets out of the city. As the Allies were successful at defeating the Soviet invasion on the East Coast, the Soviets (led by General Vladimir) has occupied the West and taken several Allied bases in the region. Agent Tanya was given the assignment to liberate the American Air Force Acadamy Chapel in Colorado Springs, she was successful at liberating the acadamy and eliminated the Soviets in the area. However, Yuri and his Psychic Corp. have created something known as a Psychic Beacon which turns people into willing slaves to the Soviet Union. Once such device was constructed in Washington D.C. which has taken th minds of both Dugan and Carville, but the Beacon was not fully developed and the uneffected Allied forces stormed their own capital and destroyed the Beacon, with it both Dugan and Carville evacuated to Canada. But Vladimir's forces boldly invaded more of the western US and taken Chicago and even constructed a device known as the Psychic Amplifier which can caputre the minds of everybody in the US. Though the Allies were successful in destroying the device, Vladimir had a secret back up for the device: a Nuclear Missile Silo which destroyed Chicago. This caught the attention of the European Union and want to help out Dugan in liberating the United States, but they face a problem which is the Soviets building Nuclear Missile Silos and threatening to nuke the European Cities if Europe helps the US. In a descreate manner the Allies (along with Tanya) destroy the Silos and Europe agrees to join the Allied cause against the Soviets. Unfortunately, the Soviets secretly stormed Paris and used their Tesla Technology to destroy the city, but this did not stop the Allies as they liberated Washington DC aloowing Dugan and Carville to return to the American capital. The Allies even stopped the Soviets from taking Hawaii and Tanya destroyed another Psychic Beacon in St. Louis. The Allies have liberated the United States from the Soviets. But the Soviets were far from finished. The Soviets occupied an Allied base with a Prism Tower and is making an attempt to create a similar device in Mexico, a surprise Allied opperation has used the prototype Soviet Prism Towers to Sabotage the Soviets with them and eventually liberated Mexico from the Soviets. But as the Allies were duscussing on how they should apprehend Romanov, Carville was killed by a Crazy Ivan.

The Allies invade Moscow
As the Allies protected Einstein's lab from a potential Soviet invasion they have constructed Einstein's new and improved Chronoshpere in the Florida Keys, with it they stormed Moscow and eliminated the Soviets and with Tanya capturing Romanov. As Romanov was charged with war crimes and imprisoned in the Tower of London, the Allies were basking in their victory over the Soviet Union and believing that it is over. But what the Allies will soon realize it is only the beginning.

Psychic Crisis

The Events of Yuri's Revenge

Dugan makes an attempt to destroy one of Yuri's Psychic Dominators

What the Allies fail to realize that Romanov's advisor Yuri has planned his very own campaign for the world if the Soviets were to lose the war. Several months after the Great war 2 ended, Dugan was received a distress call from the American intel and told him that there is a device of some kind. Then Yuri interrupts and tells him what the device is called: the Psychic Dominator which Yuri plans to use to turn the entire world to his will. While Dugan's attempt to destroy such a device on Alcatraz Island failed, it damaged the power source for the device, as Yuri activates other devices around the world, the Allies only have one chance, use a newer version of Einstein's Chronoshpere which has the ability to transport not only users of the machine back in time, but the people around the immediate area. But this did not go un-noticed, the Soviets also received word about Einstein's new machine and make an attempt to storm San Francisco and take the time machine before the Allies can use it to not only stop Yuri themselves but to change the outcome of the war the Soviets have lost. However, the Allies used the machine and went back in time to the beginning of the Great War 2 with the Psychic Dominator still in development on Alcatraz Island, Tanya swam out to the island and destroyed the device, thus averting disaster. But Yuri has planned many contingiencies *if* his Psychic Dominator network were to fail. First he made an attempt to spread subliminal propagands by using the media system in Los Angeles to not only turn the citizens of lA on the Allies, but to sacrifice themselves to fuel Yuri's war effort. He then wanted to use the Massivesoft technology to improve Yuri's war effort and technology and threatens to Nuke Seattle if the corperation refuses aid for Yuri. Then, Yuri's forces have kidnapped Einstein in an attempt to imrove the Psychic Dominators, he has improved such a device in Egypt, but little does Yuri's forces know that the doctor actually Sabotaged the device and as Tanya rescued the Professor the Allies used the device against Yuri's forces which helped them to Liberate Egypt. Then, Yuri used his experimental cloning vats (which was supposed to be used during the war) to construct them in Sydney with the hopes to kidnap and kill the Leaders of the Allies and replace them with Yuri-loyal clones. But the Allies found and destroyed these facilities. As the Great War came to an end with the Allies winning, the world leaders are going to meet in London to ratify a treaty with the Soviets (to make the Soviets fight with the Allies against Yuri) but Yuri discovers about this and makes an attempt to not only stop this treaty but to mind-control the world leaders himself.

Yuri is imprisoned

As the treaty has been ratified. Both the Allies and the Soviets attempt to locate where Yuri could be hidding. They find him in Antartica, and with the combined might of once rival factions, they have defeated Yuri and he was imprisoned in a special prison where his mind-control abilities are nullified. This also caused something known as a "Time Merge" where both the Soviet Union and Yuri have been defeated. Some even question on whether the relationship between the Allies and the Soviets will improve or not.

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