Red Dawn

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Red Dawn
Red Dawn.png
Location Washington D.C., United States

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Destroy the Pentagon

[edit] Overview

The Soviet Invasion of the United States has commenced. As being the new Soviet Commanding General, your job is to lead the Soviet forces into the country. Your mission is to cripple the Allied armed forces, and most of the American Allied high command's base of opperations are at the Pentagon which is to be destroyed.

[edit] Tatics

Because this is the first Soviet misssion. You will only have authority over some fo the Soviets' basic units which is the Conscript and the Engineer. Train 20 Conscripts and 1 Engineer and have them head east to the bridge, once there command your engineer to the bridge hut to repair it. If you can, you can also capture the Allied Barracks so you can train G.I.s as they are better trained than Conscripts. As you repair the bridge, head northwest accross the bridge and onto the second Allied defense base, command your Conscripts (or G.I.s) to garrison nearby buildings to destroy the Allied pillboxes, then proceed to the base (you will receive reinforcements once you reach the base) you will have more Engineers so you can capture the structures if you so choose. Then, head notheast to the Pentagon, it will be defended (but not heavily defended) again use the buildings to garrison them to destroy the pillboxes. Once it's all clear to the Pentagon, reinforcements consisting of Rhino Tanks will join your force and help you in your destruction of the Pentagon.

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