Soviet Union

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Real History

The Soviet Union (USSR) was birthed in 1918 when the Boshevik Communist party overthrew the Romanov family of Tsars. At First, it was not a synonimous threat to the world, in fact during World War 2, the Union was fighting Nazi Germany as the country was pushing into their Motherland, then with technologial innovations and good combat skills, the Soviet Union beaten back the Germans and even moved into Berlin in mid 1945. But, shortly after WW2, tensions were bulding between Europe and te Soviet Union, as a matter of fact after they heard of NATO, they responded immediately by forming the Warsaw Pact. This has started the Cold War, but did not become known to thwe world ntil the Korean war, when the Russians were suppling the north with weapons to try to invade the south, but was beaten by the United States. Then in 1962, the United States placed Nuclear missile silos in the country of Turkey, the Soviets responded imeediately by doing the same in Cuba, thus starting the Cuban Missile Crisis, then the 2 leaders (Kennedy and Krushnev) came to an agreement and dismantled their missiles. Then, the Soviet Union ran into trouble in 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down, in 4 years the Soviet union was no more.

Red Alert Series

What changes throughout the Red Alert Series is the leader of the country. In the first game it was Josef Stalin, in the second game it was Alexander Romanov, in Red Alert 3, it was Yunesky Cherdenko. The Soviet Union was very much like its real life counterpart, it hated the west (the United States in particular).

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