Special Agent Tanya Adams

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Special Agent Tanya Adams
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: * (Red Alert 2) Kari Wurher
  • (Red Alert 3) Jenny McCarthy
Unit Type: Commando Infantry
Weapons: 2X Desert Eagle Pistols & C4 Explosives
Special Ability: Time Belt

Special Agent Tanya Adams is considered by the Allies to be one of the finest marks person on the battlefield. She is always ready when the going gets rough and tough, she also specializes in capping off enemy soldiers with her special issue Desert Eagle Pistols, apart from being an expert in guns, Tanya is also an expert in explosives, as she can not only attach a C4 Explosive to buildings, but enemy vehicles and ships as well. Her special ability s using the Time belt, which allows her to go back a few minutes in time, this can save her when she is bout to die on the battlefield.

Though, she is quite formidable on the battlefield, but she can be quite nasty off of the battlefield, as she has the reputation for snapping at the high commanders of the Allies, and does not like to pair up with Soviet forces either.

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