The great bear trap

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The great bear trap
Location: Havana, Cuba
Co-Commander: Commander Giles PriceEU Flag.gif
Opponent: Commander Oleg VodnikUSSR Flag.png


Primary Objectives

  • 1.Investigate Havana for Soviet activity
  • 2.Locate a Soviet base
  • 3.Destroy the Soviet Base
  • 4.Destroy the Kirov launch facilities
  • 5.Do not let a Kirov leave Havana

Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Recruit a force of 10 Soviets


The Empire of The Rising Sun is finally defeated for all time. It seems now that the whole world can look forward to a new relationship between the Allies and the Soviets, but there are recent reports that Field Marshal Robert Bingham received from Soviet scientist, Doctor Gregor Zelinsky one about a Soviet Time Machine, another about a secret Soviet facility in Havana. You are to investigate in Havana to see what the Soviets are up to, and to see that Doctor Zelinsky's suspicions are right.


You will begin at the coast of the city with your Spies, disguise them as enemy units nearby, and make sure they stay in Giles' Mirage Tank as it has acitvated its gap generator, if you can, you can recruit a force of 10 nearby Soviet forces to make things easier when you find a potential Soivet base, you will find one in on the northwest part of the island, destroy it. After you do destroy the base, the Soviet Commander Oleg will reveal the Soviets' true plan in Havana, they are using their Kirov Airships armed with megaton bombs that can destory an entire city, if they reach any of the cities in the United States, it will mean disaster. So it is your job to make sure that no Kirov leaves the battlefield, so as soon as you can build a base, build defenses to the west to defend from attacks from that direction, also build an armor facility and build IFVs right away, so they can destroy the Kirovs, than build more of your base and upgrade it so you can use your powerful units, their are 5 Kirov facilities on the battelfield (disguised as sports arenas), use your Mirage Tanks and Athena Cannons to destroy them, destroy any defenses first and then destroy the facility, start off with the one close to your base to the west, which is not all that defended. Go for the one in the north where the soviet base was, then the one in the center, the one in the northeast is well protected by another base, destroy that base and than the facility, keep a close eye and ear for any Kirovs that are in the sky and on the move, and use your IFVs to destroy them, remember the more facilities that you destroy, the lesser the chances that you will have multiple Kirovs to deal with. the last one is in the south east, and it is difficult for your Mirage tanks to reach it Unless you built a Chronosphere, you can also build Assault Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers and even a few Century Bombers as well. Do whatever you can to destory the last facility as well as paying attention to those Kirovs.

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