Titan MK. II

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Titan MK. II
Affiliation Steel Talons
Cost 1300
Weapon Heavy Cannon, Railgun (Upgrade)
Effective against Vehicles, Structures
Requires GDI War Factory
Build At GDI War Factory
Appears in Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath

The Titan MK. II is an upgraded form of the Titan MK. I chassis from the Second Tiberium War. The Steel Talons division of GDI advocated further research and development into advanced robot and walker technology, the result of which was the Titan MK. II battle walker. The Titan MK. II saw limited use only with the Steel Talons divison for many years before being withdrawn from active service sometime before the Fourth Tiberium War. The Titan MK. II replaces the standard Predator Tank in Steel Talon battle groups, which advocates the high firepower and heavy armor doctrine common in Steel Talon units.

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