Weathered Alliance

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Weathered Alliance
Weathered Alliance.png
Location: The Virgin Islands

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Capture the Allied Battle Lab

[edit] Overview

The Soviets have done it, they now control the United States of America (now taking on it's new title "The People's Republic of America"). But, the Allies are far from finished. Professor Albert Einstein has created another superweapon for the Allies, a Weather Control Device that can create deadly thunderstroms with lightning so powerful that it can destroy anything inside the storm. Your mission is to find where the Device is located and destroy it before the Allies can react.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with several ground forces and a Soviet MCV. Unpack the MCV and begin building your base with ore refineries, barracks, a war factory, a battle lab and a naval shipyard. You will need every form of the Soviet Arsenal to complete this mission. Your first step should be building up a good naval force consisting of Typhoon Submarines, Dreadnaughts and the new Giant Squid which can eliminate Doplhins and other Allied ships. Use the Submarines and the Giant Squid against the Allied navy, and use the Dreadnaughts to destroy the on shore targets. As you progress through the mission, build Amphibious transports and train Apocalypse Tanks and Tesla Troopers to storm the base to the east, though you can destroy the base, but keep in mind that you must leave the Battle Lab alone as it is your key to finding the Weather Control device, but before you capture the Allied Battle Lab, gather reources to build a Nuclear Missile Silo and wait until the silo is ready to fire. As you capture the Allied Battle Lab, the Weather Control Device will appear, as you have your nuclear missile silo ready you can destroy it with the missile, a well placed nuclear missile will destroy the device instantly.

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