Yuri's Submarine Pen

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{{infobox |title= Yuri's Submarine Pen |image= |imagecaption= |label1= Affiliation: |data1= Yuri's Faction |label2= Cost: |data2= 1000 |label3= Requires: |data3= Slave Miner Structure |label4= Power: |data4= - 25

Yuri's Submarine Pen use to create Yuri's naval units. In naval battle Submarine pen is a great threat to any naval force, because it is where Boomer Submarine is being created. Boomer Submarines are powerful about two times powerful than the Soviet's Attack Sub. Though the Boomer submarine and a Hover Transport is the only naval unit of Yuri's Forces it can dominate all naval fleets out on the sea. One noticeable part of the Submarine Pen is it's appearance is different from the Allied and Soviet. Submarine Pen also repairs faster than other naval structure.

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