Allied Warfactory

Allied Warfactory
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 2000
Requires: Allied Barracks & Allied Ore Refinery
Power: - 25

The Allied Warfactory is a very important structure in Allied base, it is also one of the main targets during assaults, it has been uncountable times that it was been targeted. The Allied Warfactory allows to construct tanks, assault vehicles and some units of Allied anti-air units. The Allies can use wide range of units from light, cheap but useful and very advanced, expensive units. This structures should be eliminated quickly during the battle and well-protected in case of being constructed. Since Allies knew that Yuri returned, they enhanced their robotics equipment with cybernetics Grizzly Tanks and completely new Defenders. The more War Factories they have, the faster will their tanks be built. This works with other factory-type structures like Barracks, Naval Shipyards and Air Force Command Center.

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