Apocalypse Tank

Apocalypse Tank
Red Alert - Apocalypse.jpg
Unit Type: Advanced Armor
Weapon: 2X 125MM Gun
Special Abilities Magnetic Harpoon

The Apocalypse Tanks are the pride of the armored division of the Soviet Union. Armed with Dual 125MM guns, and have the latest in armor, making it almost invincible to infantry weaponry, it also has the ability to repair itself when not in motion. In Red Alert 3, its Special Ability is the Magnetic Harpoon, which it can bring another vehicle that is in range and uses its special grinding tractor treads to destroy it. But, because this is a heavy vehicle it is very slow, and its cannons do not do a whole lot of damage to infantry as it is only made for tank-on-tank combat.

[edit] Quotes


  • "Armageddon is here."
  • "Soviet power supreme."
  • "I have the final say."
  • "It is day of judgement."
  • "We wait."


  • "We know they are here."
  • "We can not be stopped."
  • "Be patient."
  • "They will pay."


  • "The apocalypse has begun."
  • "They will run in fear."
  • "(Laughs)"

Under attack

  • "The apocalypse can not be stopped."

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