Apollo Fighter

Apollo Fighter
Apollo Fighter.jpg
Unit Type: Air Superiority
Country of origin: United States
Affiliation Western Allies
Cost: 1,000
Built at: Air Base
Requires: N/A
Special Ability: Return to base

The Apollo Fighter is the Western Allies' air superiority unit. It can travel in the air with great speed, it has 50 Calibur Machine Guns that can be quite effective to other air units, but they do not do as much damage as the rockets on the MiG Fighter can. Though, it does not have much of a special ability, but you can make it return to base on a whim when it is almost out fo ammo or under heavy fire.

[edit] Quotes

  • Ready
  • "Just kick the tires and light the fires."
  • "Apollo here."
  • "Apollo Fighter, looking good."
  • "I'm Ready."
  • Moving
  • "Sky's are all ours."
  • "Will go."
  • "Acknowledged."
  • Attacking
  • "He's in *my* air space?"
  • "Bogeys onto us."
  • "Copy that, we got 'em."
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