Archer Maiden

Archer Maiden
Archer Maiden.jpg
Type: Anti-Infantry/Anti-Air
Country of Origin: Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Cost: 500
Trained at: Instant Dojo
Requirements: N/A
Special Ability: Scatter Arrow

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

As the Empire of The Rising Sun lost to the Western Allies at Tokyo, and while the Allies were still fighting the Soviet Union. Crown Prince Tatsu has secretly trying to learn from his fallen Empire's mistakes and avenge his father Emperor Yoshiro who comitted suicide as a result of the Empire's defeat to the Allies. First, he convinced a few women to train in another female soldier program called Archer Maiden. These women are equipped with a phazed plasma bow, which shoots an arrow that is created out of plasma and can do a lot of damage to an infantry unit (as much as a shotgun from the Allied Peacekeeper). The Maiden can also shoot at air units as well to compensate the disadvantage for Tankbusters. Its special ability is the Scatter Arrow, which the amiden will fire the plasma arrow into the air and scatter over a wide area, eliminating any infantry caught in that area.

  • Limitations

The main disadvantage for the Archer maiden is that the plasma arrows have a hard time piercing through the armor of a vehicle unit.

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