Assault Destroyer

Assault Destroyer
Assault Destroyer.jpg
Unit Type Advanced Naval
Weapon: 17-Inch Deck Gun
Special Ability: Black Hole Armor

The powerful naval unit for the Western Allies. With its huge 17-Inch Deck Gun, it can damage other ships and even subamrines. It can even go on land as it has retractable treads underneath. Its Special Ability is the Black Hole Armor, which protects not only the unit itself, but other units around it, but the problem s that the Destroyer that deplyed its BHA can not attack until it turns it off.

[edit] Quotes


  • "Assault Destroyer, proud to serve."
  • "Assault Destroyer, taking it to the waters"
  • "Destroyer, standing by."


  • "Copy that, helmsman."
  • "We've got a new heading."
  • "Steady as she goes, people."


  • "Is that main gun ready?"
  • "Man up, people. This is it."
  • "Make short work of them."
  • "Kill that sub."
  • "Sub's on scan, get 'em."
  • "Target bearing set."
  • "Battle stations."

Going onto land

  • "Making Landfall."
  • "Ready the landing gear."

Going onto water

  • "Ready naval systems."
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