Assault on the Black Tortoise

Assault on the Black Tortoise
Empire Mission 5.png
Location: The Pacific Ocean
Co-Commander: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Naomi Shirada
Opponent: Allied Crest.jpgCommander Giles Price


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Stop the Allied MCVs
  • 2.Reapir the fortress power cores
  • 3.Protect the fortress power cores
  • 4.Destroythe Allied assault forces

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Escort the engineers to the power cores in 3 minutes

[edit] Overview

As the Empire defended the Shrines at Pearl Harbor, intel has discovered that it was just a diversion by the Western Allies so they can try to establish bases on mainland Japan, however they have located several Allied MCVs that are moving across the Pacific Ocean, your mission is to make sure that the Allies do not secure the foot hold in Japan, you may even command the Empire's fortress, the Black Tortoise.

[edit] Tatics

There is 2 parts to this mission, in the first part, you will not only command the navy but a platoon of Rocket Angels as well, have one of the angels use their special ability the paralysis whip to keep an MCV in place while the rest of your forces destroy it keep an eye out for MCVs, and keep in mind that the MCVs will not come in 1 by 1, but as many as 6 at a time especially when you progress through this part of the mission, just destroy tham as soon as they come up on your radar. The second part is when you commandeer the Black Tortoise. First thing's first, build a base consisting of generators, ore refineries, a dojo and a docks, once you build a docks, you will have the ability to build the Sea Wing/Sky Wing unit. Train engineers to repair the delicate power cores (do it within 3 minutes to complete a bonus objective). Upgrade your dojo and the docks so you can have access to more powerful units especially the Shogun Battleship. You will once again given a time range to let you know when reinforcements will arrive. To attack the 3 Allied bases go for the one to the south first, as it is not very well defended, after you destroy it build nanocores that hold ore refineries to caputre and use the ore mines so you can build more battleships, then after you have several cruisers and battleships attack the base to the east, and then the one to the northeast. Be mindful about those power cores, as the Allies will try to take them out, so build defenders around the cores and have them for anti air for those Century Bombers and some for ground for any enemy engineers.

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