Chrono Miner

Chrono Miner
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 1400
Weapon: None
Built at: Allied Warfactory
Requires: Allied Warfactory & Allied Ore Refinery
Unit Type: Ore Gathering
Special Ability None

Allied Chrono Miner are the only fastest ore harvesters, even after Yuri built the Slave Miner that have such advantage over other refinery it still managed to be the fastest ore gathering unit. Using advanced chronoshift technology, Chrono Miners could rush in to swarms of ore location, gather as much as they could carry and disappear right in front of the enemy. Although they are very nimble indeed, they have a low storage and they are unequipped with any weaponry. If Allied don't protect them, their enemies will destroy all Chrono Miner with ease. If they succeeded in destroying Chrono Miners, Allied's ore funds is halted. It is said that the Allies slightly increased amount of ore Chrono Miner can carry.

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