Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs
Coorado Springs.jpg
Country: United States
Locale Type: Small Town/Military Esteblishment
Population 400,000

[edit] Real History

Discovered by General William Palmer in 1871. Colorado Springs was one of the finest tourist destinations in the late 1800's as Palmer had helped the area develop and become a thriving small town. Then in 1891. gold was discovered in the area by Winfield Straton and began the gold rush of 1891. After the bombing of pearl harbor, the American Military had established a military base south of the town to prepair troops for World War 2, and it also established many air force bases as well as a military acadamy, and in 1963 NORAD (North American Air Defense) was established in a mountain near the city. These military facilities and the historical parts of the city are still in the town today.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Allied Campiagn
  • As the Allies thwarted the Soviet invasion in New York, the soviets were invading deeply into the west, and eventually capturing the airforce acadamy near Colorado Springs as they sent General Vladimir in from that area to help the Soviets in the United States. But, Special Agent Tanya Adams and her task force have destroyed the Soviet defense around the acadamy and re-captured the acadmay. Giving the Allies an extra edge to liberate the area of the Soviet occupation.
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