Commander Giles Price

Commander Giles Price
Giles B.png
Birthplace: Liverpool, Great Britain
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: Greg Ellis]


[edit] Overview (Real History)

Commander Giles Price is one of the commanding officers of the Western Allies. Born a working Class British boy, he hopes to make something of his life. this is when he wanted to join in the Allied forces. Though, as the War began he proved himself when the Soviets tried to take over his home country of Great Britain as led the Allies in Brighton Beach. But, he was defeated by the Empire of The Rising Sun as his forces faltered before the Empire's mighty Black Tortoise. However, Giles did redeem himself as he led the Allies in a secret mission in Havana.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

Giles along with Commander Warren Fuller was given the job to defend the research facility in Mykonos, the faclity has information about their superweapon, the Proton Collider. But Giles' forces would falter before the might of the Soviets as they extracted information from the facility. Then, Giles was alone as he tried to make the last stand for Europe in Iceland. but this battle would make Giles witness not only the defeat fo his own forces, but the Soviets' Commander Oleg Vodnik fighting General Nicolai Krukov (who at the time was labeled a traitor by his country).

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

As the Western Allies were defeated by the Empire of The Rising Sun at Pearl Harbor, they made their initial move on Japan, Giles lead the way, but was caught by surprise by not only s trong imperial force out in the pacific ocean, but by their huge weapon, the Black Tortoise, Giles forces would fall before this mighty fortress.

[edit] Uprising

Giles Price was named general shortly after the Western Allies' victory over the Soviets and the Empire. He was in charge of the post-war occupation in Japan, he moved forces quickly to defend Japan from the former imperial commanders. then Giles soon realized that this was a apln divised by Crown Prince Tatsu who soon became Emperor, now Giles has to defeat the possible uprising by the new Emperor.

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