Commander Lisette Hanley

Commander Lisette Hanley
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: Autumn Reeser


[edit] Overview (Real History)

Commander Lisette Hanley is one of the combat commanders for the Western Allies. Praised for her commanding role for the French intelligence in their secret mission in the Soviet Union. Lisette then returned to the United States after the mission. Then when the Soviets attacked Geneva, she failed at keeping the Soviets from taking the city and important income for the Allies. But she would finally have her revenge against the Soviets when the Allies retaliated and ended Soviet occupation in Europe by destroying the Soviet base in Heidelberg. Lisette also helped the Allies during their campaign against the Empire of The Rising Sun's capital of Tokyo, as she defeated Crown Prince Tatsu's fleet and even destroyed the Shirada shipyard in the bay.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

Lisette was assigned for the Western Allies' first defense against the Soviets in Europe which was in Geneva. Unfortunately, she was defeted by the Soviets as they were a very strong force.

[edit] Alternate Histroy (Empire Campaign)

As the Empire was gaining ground on both the Allies and the Soviets, both factions are joining forces and now are invading the harbor city of Yokohama (along with General Nicolai Krukov, she even built relay stations in hopes to cut off all communications by the Empire, but this would fail as her forces as well as Krukov's were defeated along with the destruction of the relay stations.

[edit] Quotes

"Have I beaten you before? It's hard to keep track some times."

"Oh, man that was cold. You didn't have to go all out like that."

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