Commander Naomi Shirada

Commander Naomi Shirada
Birthplace: A Shogun Battleship
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Portrayed By: Lydia Look


[edit] Overview (Real History)

Naomi Shirada is the strongest naval commander for the Empire of The Rising Sun. She was born of Imperial naval commanders and even on their Shogun Battleship, her family's skills were so great they even named a shipyard after her family in the capital of Tokyo. Naomi dedicated her life to follow in her family's footsteps and lead the Empire's navy into victory after victory, she can also be quite violent at times as well as she can beta her opponents without mercy. She lives up to her reputation as she defeats Commander Warren Fuller's Allied forces at Pearl Harbor, because of this, she was considered a "Heroine of the seas" and she was also put in charge of Emperor Yoshiro's Black Tortoise fleet, she even defeated the Western Allies again as they try to make an invasion on Japan. Then as the Soviet Union was being defeated in Europe, she joined Commander Kenji Tenzai in the Empire's own campaign for Europe as they invaded Gibraltar, but along with Kenji, she would also lose to the combined might of the Allies and the Soviets, her reputation of "Heroine of the Seas" would also be shattered as again the combined might of the Allies and the Soviets destroyed a Black Tortoise in the north sea.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet History)

Naomi's only known role in the Soviet Campaign is when the Soviet Union made their own attempt on Emperor Yoshiro's life, and after Shinzo and Kenji were defeted by the Soviets, Naomi was also defeted. The 3 commanders who were considered the best that the Empire had to offer were on reserve, but they could only watch as their beloved Emperor and Empire would crumble under the mighty weight of the Soviet Union.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

Following in her family's footsteps, Naomi was put in cahrge of most of the empire's fleet. She did very well with the fleet at Pearl Harbor as it was threatened by the Western Allies, but the Allies soon moved to invade Japan directly, luckily for Naomi and with the help of the Black Tortoise, she defeats the Allies once again. Naomi even moved the Tortoise across the Pacific and onto the west coast of the United States. Naomi helped the Empire take the United States by capturing the media centers which controlled the country's propaganda.

[edit] Quotes

"Well, Commander, will you come into the water and play with me?"

"So, they match me up with you? Whatever, let's go."

"You really think you can win here? How cute."

"Impressive, I've been waiting to meet someone who can beat me on the battlefield."

"Well, I admit, I misjudged you."

"Unthinkable, being beaten by a barbarian."

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