Commander Oleg Vodnik

Commander Oleg Vodnik
Birthplace: Stalingrad, USSR
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Dimitri Diatchenko


[edit] Overivew (Real History)

Commander Oleg Vodnik is one of the finest and most experienced commanders of the Soviet Union. Though, he began his Soviet army career as a Conscript then he moved up to command, and eventually becoming one of the greatest commanders of the Soviet Union. Though, when the Empire of The Rising Sun invaded the Union, he was unsuccessful at keeping the Empire out of the country, but will soon have his revenge when the Empire invaded Lenningrad, as he led the massive retaliation. Then as the Soviets moved on Europe, Oleg was put in charge of the offensive and completed his objective with outstanding results, as he led the Soviets to superior funds that was in Geneva, he even established a base of operations in Heidelberg, Germany. But his occupation in Europe would come to an end as the Allies retaliated and raided his base in Heidelberg. Though, he did not fight alongside with the Allies as the Soviets joined forces to fight against the Empire. Instead he headed the secret operation in Havana to destroy the United States, but his operation would fail as the Allies discovered and destroyed the secret Kirov Airship facilities.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

Oleg was put in charge of defending Lenningrad from the Empire of The Rising Sun and he has moved his forces including Natasha Volkova fast enough to defend the Peter & Paul fortress. Then, as the Soviets drove the Empire out of their Mother land, they turn their attention to the Western Allies in Europe, Oleg lead the forces to victory in Geneva and even gave the Soviets some much needed resources from the financial city. Then as the Soviets were seizing europe the last of the Allied occuation in Europe lied on Iceland, he was aided by General Nicolai Krukov and then he was told my Premier Anatoly Cherdenko that Krukov was the traitor and responsible for making the assassination attempt on Cherdenko, Oleg defeats Krukov and goes on to defeat the Alies as well, thus Europe is now a pert of the Soviet Union.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

Oleg commanded the Soviet forces in the northern base of Vorkuta. Unofrunately for Oleg he was defeated by the Empire as they destroyed both his base and important Soviet monuments as well.

[edit] Uprising

Oleg was promoted to General during the Uprising events

Oleg was one of the Soviet commanders that escaped as the Western Allies conquered Russia, promoted to General of the "Soviet Underground", Oleg promises the underground that the Allies will not prevail further and hopes to stop EU Leader Rupert Thornley's ambitions to wipe out the Soviet Union from time.

[edit] Quotes

  • Campaign mode quotes

"You destroyed a facility, don't worry, I have plenty of Kirovs to go around."

  • Skirmish Quotes

"Well, look at what the wind blew in. Sit tight, my tanks will be with you shortly"

"You've gotts lot of nerve showing your face around here. I wonder if anybody will recognize it after I'm done?"

"Why do they send me the Rookies? But I'll promise you, I'll make this quick."

"Just to think I was beaten by a goat like you."

"No, no, no this is impossible. How could I lose?"

"Wipe that smirk off your face. What, you've never lost before?"

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