Commander Shinzo Nagama

Commander Shinzo Nagama
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Portrayed By: Bruce Locke


[edit] Overview (Real History)

Shinzo Nagama is one of the finest commanders for the Empire of The Rising Sun. A seasoned warrior, he has worked with some of the finest warriors the Empire has to offer. He follows the Bushido (Way of the warrior) and is even known as the "Emperor's Shadow". Shinzo was one of the leading commanders that led the Empire's forces into the Soviet Union Shinzo used Shinobis very effectively, and the leading reason why the Empire boldly invaded the Union in the north. However his greatness in the Soviet Union would not last as the circus he helped build in Krasna-45 did not fool the retaliated Soviets. As he retreated to Japan as a lot of the Empire's forces did, he would soon face the Western Allies at Tokyo, along with Crown Prince Tatsu was advised to protect the Empire's capital at all costs, but despite his best efforts they were not enough to beat the powerful Allies.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

Shinzo was a part of the secret project from the Empire to establish a circus in Krasna-45 in hopes to draw the Soviets into a trap, but the Soviets have beaten back the Empire and destroyed their base. Then, as the Empire was driven back to Japan, and when the Soviets made their move to assassinate Emperor Yoshiro, Shinzo did whatever he can to beat the Soviets, unfortunately for him, he was defeated by the Soviets.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

Shinzo was very successful when his campaign for the north began, he captured vital areas around Vorkuta, and even destroyed important Soviet monuments, his forces were very strong as they went on to destroy a Soviet base and even their fleet stationed in Vorkuta. Shinzo even defended the harbor city of Yokohama from the conjoined Allied/Soviet force and even brought on the "Devine destiny" for his emperor by defeating the 2 factions at Amsterdam.

[edit] Uprising

After the Empire's defeat by the Western Allies, Shinzo went back to his home in the Shin-Iga province in hopes of acting revenge on the Allies as their occupation in Japan began, he wants to make sure that his revenge is deleivered by defeating the Allies.

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