Commander Warren Fuller

Commander Warren Fuller
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: Randy Couture


[edit] Overview (Real History)

Commander Warren Fuller enlisted in the American army from High School, and he graduated from military school with honors. Fuller then joined the Allies to help his country defeat the Soviet Union. During a secret Allied mission, it was compromised and captured by the Soviets, he was soon rescued by an Allied salvage team. Now Fuller is determined to acts revenge on the Soviets as they begin to move on Europe. He receives his first campaign mission for Hawaii against the Empire of The Rising Sun unfortunately for Warren he was defeated. He helps the Allies defeat the Soviets in Europe and eventually the Empire of The Rising Sun.Then, when President Howard T. Ackerman revealed his secret weapon and using it against Moscow, he helped the Allies defeat the eccentric President before he used the weapon. Warren even led the Allies to victory over the Soviets in Lenningrad. Now the Allies are the dominant faction.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

As the Soviet Union was dominating Europe Warren (along with Commander Giles Price) tried to defend the research facility in Mykonos which contained information regarding to the Allies' superweapon, the Proton Collider. Unfortunately, Warren would fail this mission as the Soviets extracted information about the superweapon.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

After the Western Allies decared war on the Empire of The Rising Sun, Warren was given the job to move the Allied forces on the imperial base and shrines at Pearl Harbor, unfotunately he would fall to the supremacy of the imperial fleet.

[edit] Quotes

"Oh, so you think you can take me? Well, if you show me some skill, I might even think about leaving your dignity intact."

"You're lookin' for a quick whoopin', you came to the right place. Let's go."

"You look like you're fresh out of cadet school. Are you sure you're in the right place?"

"I admit this defeat, today was your day. But, let's see what happens next time."

"I gotta hand it to you. That's not bad. I'll go a little harder on you next time."

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