Crown Prince Tatsu

Crown Prince Tatsu
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Portrayed By: Ron Yuan


[edit] Overview (Real History)

Crown Prince Tatsu is the overly eager son of Emperor Yoshiro, unlike his father Tatsu is more ambitious about his father's vision of conquering the world.Tatsu is responsible for the Empires superior technolofy (which rivals that f the Western Allies). Though, Tatsu thinks more modernly than his father (who thinks more traditionally) . This would be Tatsu's mistake as the Imperial forces invaded important Soviet cities, the massive retaliation of the Soviet Union beaten back the Empire to its homeland. Tatsu even ordered to have his own Military Castle in Vladivostok as the Empire were taking Soviet territory in the east, but was destroyed by the Soviets. Tatsu then discovers that the Western Allies are beginning their campaign for Hawaii, he moved forces quick enough to defeat the Allies, at pearl harbor and even kept most of his forces at sea as the Allies were trying to secure a foothold in Japan. Then when his father decides to deploy their Black Tortoises all over the world, Tatsu orders the Tortoises to remain out of sight of the conjoined forces of Allies and Soviets. But, this so would not be for long as both factions discover a Black Tortoise in the north sea. Then, as his father calls for a meeting of important Imperial generals in the Empire's Capital of Tokyo, Tatsu takes it upon himself to prepare for a possible invasion by either faction. Then the Allies attack Tokyo, Tatsu orders his fleet to defend the shorelines of the city, but he failed, and this defeat led to the suicide of his father.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

Crown Prince Tatsu Moved his forces to capture important Soviet bases, but were soon defeated when they advanced onto the Major cities of the Union. Even Tatsu's imperial base in Vladivostok was destroyed by the Soviets. Though, his beloved Empire would face the Soviets again as they attempt to kill his father Emperor Yoshiro at his father's palace at Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately for Tatsu, his forces and his father would fall to the might of the Soviet Union, Tatsu was not happy about this and was presumeably killed soon thereafter as Japan fell to Soviet rule.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

Tatsu has seen over the empire's campaign for the Soviet Union, and as his forces moved onto the western part of the country, he wanted his forces to use his latest and greatest unit, the Shogun Executioner which layed waste to Odessa and General Nicolai Krukov's base. As his father, Emperor Yoshiro makes his messgae to the world about the Empire of The Rising Sun being superior, Tatsu disapproves of this as he well knows that it caught the Western Allies attention and are now moving onto Pearl Harbor, the home of half of the Empire's fleet, but as the Empire defeats the Allies at Pearl Harbor, they were also making their move on Japan itself, luckily, the Allies were pushed back while out to sea, and as the Empire takes the United States, its president along with Premier Anatoly Cherdenko had discussed about joining forces in hopes to defeat the Empire, but what both the Allies and the Soviets did not know that President Howard T. Ackerman is a robotic spy created by the Empire, and as Yoshiro disables Ackerman, he hands the command of the Empire's forces over to Tatsu, who orders his forces in Yokohama to defend the city and Japan against the conjoined Allied/Soviet force. He even orders his forces to destroy Cherdenko's time machine at Moscow, and eventually realized his father's destiny of conquering the world at Amsterdam as his forces defeated both the Allies and the Soviets once and for all.

[edit] Uprising

After his father, Emperor Yoshiro comitted suicide following the Empire's defeat to the Western Allies, the Allies has appointed him as the leader of the Empire of The Rising Sun, though he does show his loyalty to the Allies, but some of his former commanders do not see it that way as the Allies fought and defeated the potential uprising of the Empire's forces still loyal to the Emperor, Tatsu even massed his own forces and sent them to defeat the "Soviet Underground" as they try to control the northern regions of the Empire, but what the Allies' soon realize that Tatsu's confrontations with his former commanders were a diversion to eliminate his competition and crown himself Emperor. Now the Allies have to deal with Tatsu's own forces, will the Allies crush this Uprising, or will the Empire of The Rising Sun rise up to become a powerful faction again?

[edit] Quotes

"My Father follows the ways of our ancestors, and there is much wisdom in what he says. But, it is a new age copmmander, a new world, do what you must to be victorious."

"Monument? Our test of our new mechanized army is to destroy a statue?"

"The Allies and the Soviets together?"

"I want their hearts and minds, but I also want Krukov's head on a stick."

"You primitive Gaijin. How dare you attack Tokyo!!"

"The Allies believe that we were inferior to them, they have. That is why we should show them no mercy."

"Father!!! What have you done you filthy savages?! Have you no honor?!"

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