Cryo Legionaire

Cryo Legionaire
Cryo Legionaire.jpg
Unit Type: Advnace Infantry
Country of Origin: Austria
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 1,500
Trained at: Boot Camp
Requires: * Defense Bureau
  • Heightened Clearence
Special Ability Booster Kick

[edit] Desctription

  • Abilities

After the war, some high officers of the Western Allies have signed some contracts with the weapon design corperation named Futuretech. Thye have designed a good number of brand new units for the Allies. One of them is the Cryo Legionaire. This unit has a special freezing cannon which is capable of freezing even entire platoons of infantry and can even freeze vehicles as well, and because it even has some kind of freezing device beneeth his shoes, it llows the Legionaire to walk on water. His special ability is the Booster Kick, which allows the Legionaire to jump and land right on top of frozen units and even onto some higher areas as well.

  • Limitations

The Cryo Legionaire has a few notable problems, it carries a heavy weapon and wears a heavy suit, so it moves slow on the battlefield, and its suit also makes the Legionaire vulnerable to the Soviet Magnetic Satellite protocal. If you have any infantry units of your own, and are caught in the Legionaire's freeze radius, they will be frozen as well, and they can not garrison buildings.

[edit] Quotes

  • Ready
  • "Let's kick some ice."
  • "I like winter time."
  • Moving
  • "Like a cool breeze."
  • Attacking
  • "Send them to the meet locker."
  • "The Iceman cometh."
  • "Freeze!'""
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