Dark Night

Dark Night
Dark Night.png
Location: The Polish border

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Keep Tanya alive
  • 2. Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab
  • 3. Destroy the Nuclear Missile Silos

[edit] Overview

With the destruction of the Psychic Amplifier also came the Nuclear destruction of Chicago. Millions are dead, but this caught the attention of the European Union who now wish to join the Alled cause, however they are also having problems with the Soviet Nuclear warfare which are established at the Polish border and can launch at any European city of they were to ever join the Allies. Your mission is to guide Agent Tanya again to discover the Silos' locations and eliminate them.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with Tanya, a few G.I.s and some Spies. have the Spies take on the guise of Conscripts and have them along with Tanya go carefully towards the Soviet base to the northeast, order a spy to infiltrate the Battle Lab, but be careful of Soviet attaack dogs which can see right through the Spy's disguise, as the spy infiltrates the Lab, the battlefield radar will expand ans pinpoint the exact location of the Silos. have another spy infiltrate a Tesla Reactor to shut down the base's power and order Tanya to eliminate any Soiet force nearby and more importantly the Tesla Coils before power is restored. Then blow up petroleum barrels to the southeast and venture to find some stranded Allied Units (a few G.I.s and some Engineers) and have them come back to the base. Order an Engineer to capture a Soviet Barracks and train several more engineers and capture the Tesla Reactors, an Ore Refinery and the War Factory, have the G.I.s destroy the rest of the reactors to power down the Tesla Coils. As you gain more resources, build 20 Rhino Tanks and have them join the G.I.s to destroy the Nuclear Missile Silos, though be careful of the Tesla Coils.

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