Location: Washington D.C. United States

[edit] Objective

  • 1. Capture the White House-Where Vladimir is being held up

[edit] Overview

Just as more of the world was filling in the Soviet jackboot. Disaster strikes within the Soviet organization. Premier Romanov was killed, and the perpatraitor is none other than General Vladimir. Yuri used his Psychic Technology to locate Vladimir, he is in Washington D.C. (which is occupied by the Soviets) and in the abandoned White House. Your mission is to defeat Vladimir's forces and capture the treacherous Vladimir in the White House.

[edit] Tatics

The mission will begin with a Soviet MCV and several units including the new Desolator which can not only eliminate infantry units instantly but make the surrounding air toxic as well. Start by building your base and have your small force defend your base from the constant attacks from Vladimir's forces. Like in an Allied mission with the monuments, but instead of repairing them, destroy them for extra resources. Build 10 Apocalypse Tanks as well as 20 Desolators and attack Vladimir's forces. His main base is near the White House which is located at the northeast part of the battlefield. Destroy the base (and replace whatever losses your force has sustained). Once the path to the White House is clear, lay waste to it your Apocalypae Tanks will make short work of it.

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