Type: Special Anti-Infantry
Country of Origin: *(RA2) Iraq
  • (RA3U) Russia
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Cost: *(RA2) 900
  • (RA3U) 1,500
Trained at: Barracks
Requirements: Battle Labs
Special Ability: Splatter Attack

[edit] Description (Red Alert 2)

The Iraqis, who were loyal to the Soviet cause, have invented a special unit which can harness the toxic chemicals (which is made of highly concentrated toxic materials) and made the Desolator. This uses a special cannon that can launch a stream of toxic chemicals at a target that can do serious damage or melt the target. It can use its cannon to "Desolate" the ground around them, harming anything that is near the area, and their special suits helps protect them from the toxic chemicals that their cannons deploy.

[edit] Description (Red Alert 3: Uprising)

  • Abilities

Soviet Scientists have worked feverishly to try their top secret "Desolator" program in the war to see how they do, unfortunately, the Soviet Union was defeated by the Western Allies before the project was finished. Now that the project is finished, the Soviets will try to use this new unit against the Allies and Futuretech as well. This unit uses a mixture of highly consentrated toxic chemicals to eliminate thier enemies either it be an infantrymen or a vehicle. It sprays a stream of toxic chemeicals which can eliminate even a huge platoon of infantry (either out in the open feild or garrisoned inside a building). Its special ability is the Splatter Attack, which is used against vehicles as it makes the vehicles more vulnerable to the desolator's primary weapon.

  • Limitations

As it is an infantry unit, it is vulnerable to anti-infantry units and a huge tank divisions. Initially it is almost useless against heavy armored vehicles.

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