Doctor Gregor Zelinsky

Doctor Gregor Zelinsky
Birthplace: Arckangel'sk, USSR
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Peter Stormare


[edit] Overview (Real History)

One of the finest scientists of the Soviet Union. As the Soviet Union was beginning to dissolve he was instructed by Premier Anatoly Cherdenko to begin his top secret project, which is a time machine. A year later, Cherdenko chose to use his time machine as a last ditch effort to save the Soviet Union. Not sure if it will even work, Zelinsky tries to make Cherdenko reconsider his decision, but Cherdenko still insisted on using his time machine. Then, they traveled to 1927 to meet Professor Albert Einstein at a convention in Brussels, then Zelinsky sees Cherdenko erase Einstein from history, as he returns to the present, they find that the Soviet Union is back. But what Zelinsky knows that Cherdenko and General Nicolai Krukov do not is that because they disposed of Einstein, they also erased nuclear weapons out of history as well. Zelinsky does not know what to do as the war between the 3 factions , the Soviet Union, the Western Allies and the Empire of The Rising Sun begins. However, after the Allies victory over the Empire at Tokyo, he defects to Berlin and sends a live video to Field Marshal Robert Bingham about Cherdenko's top secret time machine and how they changed time, and he even told the Aliies about a secret Kirov Airship in Cuba. However as the Allies defeat the Soviets at Havana and eventually Leningrad, Zelinsky deisappears and wasn not heard since.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

As he helps Cherdenko and Krukov eliminate Einstein and alter history, Zelinsky works behind the scenes to help the Soviets defeat the Empire of The Rising Sun and drive them out of Russia, then as the Soviets move onto Europe he also helps as well, but as the Soviets seize the entire continent of Europe. Zelinsky sends a secret video message to all of the Soviet commanders about Cherdenko's top secret time machine, and as the empire fell under the muight of the Soviets, he disappears.

[edit] Alternate History (Empire Campaign)

Doctor Gregor Zelinsky did whatever he can to help the Soviets defest the Empire, unfortunately the Soviets were overwhelmed by the ultimate power of the Empire, as the Empire began to overtake the Soviets (and eventually the Allies) Zelinsky along with Premier Anatoly Cherdenko, Field Marshal Robert Bingham and President howard T. Ackerman (who is a robotic spy created by the Empire) told the Allies about Cherdenko's time machine and agreed to join forces in hopes to defeat the Empire. As the joined Allied/Soviet force failed to take Yokohama, Zelinsky told Cherdenko that their only chance to stop the Empire was to erase it from time completely and convinced Cherdenko to use the time machine, unfortunately the Empire discovered this and destroyed Moscow and the time machine. With the Soviet Union being defeated for all time by the Empire, Zelinsky has rallied what was left ofthe Soviet forces and tried to help the Allies at Amsterdam, but as the Allies fell to the Empire, Zelinsky cowers in the Futuretech corperation building, he even unleashed a futuretech weapon which destroyed the entire city and most of the Empire's forces, but it was not enough as Zelinsky was defeated and the Empire realises its "Devine Destiny".

[edit] Uprising

Though Zelinsky himself does not come back for Uprising and his wherabouts are unknown, but it is known that he was a good friend to Professor Shinji Shimada.

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