EU Leader Rupert Thornley

EU Leader Rupert Thornley
Thornley A.png
Birthplace: Glasgow, Grat BritainEU Flag.gif
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: Malcolm MacDowell

Rupert Thornley is the newley elected leader of the European Union. As the War draws to a close, he has told both Europe and the United States that he will make the Soviet Union a more peaceful and more free country. But, this is the Ruprt Thornley on the surface, but deep below the surface, Thornley has no intentions of helping the Soviet Union recover like everybody thinks he is doing. He has massed his own Allied forces and even struck a deal with the technological corperation known as FutureTech. Thornley is really bent on destroying the Soviet union once and for all instead of resorting to more peaceful methods. However, the secret society known as the "Soviet Underground" might come out of hding and keep Thornley from completing his objective.

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