End of Tradition

End of Tradition
Allied Mission 1 U.png
Location: Iga-Ueno, Japan
Opponent: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Shinzo Nagama


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1. Escort your MCV
  • 2. Defeat the Loyalist forces
  • 3. Freeze Shinzo's mansion
  • 4. Freeze Shinzo's sudden transport

[edit] Bonus Objective

  • 1. Capture the nearby Dojos

[edit] Briefing

The Western Allies have begun their post-war occupation in Japan: the Former Empire of The Rising Sun. Crown Prince Tatsu has agreed to cooperate with the Allies to help re build and bring peace to his beloved country. However, there are many former Imperial forces who still remain loayal to the now deceased Emperor Yoshiro. Your mission is to find and suppress every last imperial force. You will begin in the Iga-Ueno Province, where Commander Shinzo Nagama calls home. He has massed his own force nearby his ancestral mansion.

[edit] Tatics

You will start in the southwest part of the battlefield. You will have a handful of Peacekeepers and Javelin Soldiers to protect the MCV from the Empire's forces. Attack any units that are threatening your MCV. Continue to do this until the MCV reaches the center of the battlefield where the MCV will unpack as well as a few power plants, an Ore Refinery, a Barracksand an Airfield. Train a good force of Peacekeepers and Javelin Soldiers and have them attack any of the Empire's forces that are near your base, until you have a good defense around your base. The Empire's forces consist of Imperial Warriors, Tankbusters, Rocket Angels and their new Archer Maidens. During the fight, Crown Prince Tatsu will give you Imperial Egineers, use them to capture the nearby dojos so that you can have access to some of the Empire's forces. As you prgress through the mission, you will also be given access to the new Allies' air unit the Harbinger Gunship, which can severely damage any ground or naval unit. Build around 4 gunhips and have them destroy the Empire's bases in the area. Before you head towards the main base to the northwest, build around 4 or 6 Cryocopters, you will need them to complete your mission. Use the gunships to destroy the base surrounding Shinzo's mansion, and have your Cryocopters freeze the mansion. But shinzo will escape from his mansion and try to elude you. He will have 2 Sudden Transports, one is the real one the other is a decoy. Split your Cryocopter's into 2 teams and have them freeze the transports.

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