Enemy of our enemy

Enemy of our enemy
Allied Mission 4.png
Location: Gibraltar, Spain
Co-Commander: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Nicolai Moskvin
Opponents: * Empire Crest.jpgCommander Kenji Tenzai


[edit] Primary Objectives

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Eliminate the King Oni
  • 2.Set up a Expansion base in the southwest

[edit] Overview

The Soviet Union's occupation in Europe is offically over. Now, the Soviet Union's leader Premier Anatoly Cherdenko has called for a seize fire with the Allies, which President Howard T. Ackerman does not like. But now is not the time to discuss that. It sees that the Empire of The Rising Sun is about to begin their own campaign for Europe, starting with Gibraltar. You will be paired up with Soviet commander Moskvin, and even their commano unit, Natasha Volkova along with Special Agent Tanya Adams.

[edit] Tatics

There is 2 parts to this mission. The first is commanding Tanya (while Moskvin commands Natasha) as they try to destroy Imperial hangar in the area while fending off waves of Imperial forces that are already invading Gibraltar. Command Tanya to the hangar and destroy it. After destroying the hangar, you and Moskvin will establish bases. You will salso have the ability to build Cryocopters, use them to complete your mission, as they can either freeze or shrink enemy units, this is very useful when going up against the Shogun Battleship as their will be one. Build them as well as Vindictators out of your air field. to the southwest their is a fleet of Assault Destroyers use your Cryocopters and Vindictators to free them with that you will gain the ability to build more destroyers. Clear the small base to the southwest and send a Prospector and build an outpost base in that location, making it easier for you to build land units to attack an Imperial base to the northwest,use Guardian Tanks and Peacekeepers and deal with the defenses first and then attack the base, you can even use Tanya if you want.

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