Location: The Florida Keys

[edit] Objectives

  • 2. Destroy the Nuclear Missile Silos

[edit] Overview

Disaster strikes. General Carville has died by a surprise Crazy Ivan attack. However, the Soviets are not done yet. Einstein has finished construction of his Chronoshpere which can transport any armored vehicle anywhere on Earth instantly. however, the only place that is satisfactory for the Chronoshpere is the Florida Keys which is not far from Cuba. Even worse is that the Soviets have established several Nuclear Missile Silos in Cuba. Your mission is to construct a Chronosphere and find a way to destroy the Silos before they launch.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with a powerful base, however build Ore refineries and train G.I.s to garrison the nearby buildings to the east build a War factory, and airforce command center and a battle labs. The Soviets will try to destroy your base ot only by land but by sea as well. So build defenses on both planes, once you have enough resources to construct a Chronoshpere, build it. Once you build that Chronoshpere (or if a lot of time goes by) you will receive a message from Romanov who threatens to Nuke your base, with that you will have 20 minutes to destroy thr Nuclear Missile Silos (and if they launch, they will desimate your base to the point of mission failiure). Build 6 or 8 Prism tanks and chronoshift them across the Florida Straight (it takes about 5 minutes for the Chronosphere to activate) to destroy the nearby Nuclear reactors (or you can capture them) and cut the bases power and stop the Silos' timer. Then, build around 10 Mirage Tanks and Chronoshift them to the south. In the meantime, you can build 10 Destroyers and 10 Dolphins to destroy the Soviet navy to the south, thugh watch out for Giant Squid that infest the waters of the straight. One you Chronoshift all of your Mirage Tanks, use them to destroy the Soviet base.

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