Flak Cannon

Flak Cannon
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Cost: 1000
Requires: Soviet Radar Tower
Power: - 50

The Flak Cannon is Soviets anti-air armory. Flak Cannon can be deployed after creating Soviet Radar Tower. After the Flak Cannons are deployed they will give great anti-air defense, Flak Cannons are also known as Rocketeer Killer because of their effectiveness in killing Allied Rocketeers. When Flak Cannon starts firing it releases it's bullets and explodes on air. Also Rocketeer cannot escape flak bullets explosion ones it is caught on range it cannot escape its fate. Though the Flak Cannon inflict small damage, Flak Cannons can damage everything near in the range of explosion. Air crafts like harrier also should avoid Flak Cannons and also should the paratroopers now they can be tracked down by this defense.

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