Floating Disc

Floating Disc
Floating Disc.jpg
Affiliation: Yuri's Faction
Cost: 1750
Weapon: Laser Beam
Built at: Yuri's Warfactory
Requires: Yuri's Warfactory & Yuri's Battle Lab
Unit Type: Assault Unit & Sabotage Structures
Special Ability: Drain Beam

The Floating Disc is beyond any advance technology. It posses many great features. It is equipped with radiative laser that can inflict heavy toxin upon enemy infantry. The Floating Disc can attack tanks, naval ships, and even aircraft. The laser is not only it's excellent part, when mounted on enemy structures it produces a beam that sabotage depending on what structure it is mounted. If the Floating Disc is mounted to the reactor the enemy base power will be shut down until the disc leaves the reactor or it has been destroyed. Another feature of the disc when mounted upon a refinery ore half of the money on the enemy's arsenal will be drain in half.

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