Florida Keys

Florida Keys
Country: United States
Local Type: Tourist Destination
Population: 80,000

[edit] Real History

Discovered by Juan Ponce da Leon around the same time the Mainland Florida was discovered. The 1,700 island string received its name by the spanish word "Cayo". These islands have increased trades from Cuba to the Bahamas and to the southern coast of the United States. But, until the early 1910's these islands were only acessable by boats, this is when engineer Henry Flagler established the "Overseas Railway" which eventually connected the rest of Florida to the keys. Then, on laborday of 1935 the keys were hit by one of the strongest Hurricanes ever recorded in history this Hurricane had the lowest recorded air pressure and heavily damaged (in some cases destroyed) areas in the keys. The keys are now a popular tropical vacation retreat as it draws millions of tourists every year, though not was exciting as the mainland with the theme parks, the keys provide a more relaxing retreat.

[edit] =Red Alert 2

  • Allied campaign
  • As the Allies have shut down nearly all of the secret Soviet occupations around the world, it is time to take the fight back to the Soviet Union. Professor Albert Einstein has created his Chronosphere. Which can move armored forces from one place on Earth to another instantly, and he had thought through many days where to establish his device. He has found that the Florida Keys were the perfect place. Unfortunately, it is dangerously close to Cuba (an ally to the Soviet Union) and at the same time has constructed Nuclear Missile silos to attack the United States. However, the Allies have activated the Chronoshpere just in time before the missiles can fire. The Crhonosphere was also used to chronoshift the Allied forces into the heart of Moscow.
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