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Free Gateway
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Location: St. Louis,MO United States

[edit] Objective

  • 1. Keep Tanya Alive
  • 2. Destroy the Psychic Beacon before it effects Tanya
  • 3. Eliminate all Soviet Activity in the city

[edit] Overview

With the Soviet Navy nearly necimated, they are now at a disadvantage. However, the Soviets are still tinkering with Yuri's Psychic technology as they have constructed another Psychic Beacon in St. Louis which is now the heart of all Allied ground force opperations. Unlike the Beacon in Washington, this one is more developed and anybody within range will fall under its power. Agent Tanya is taking a daring move to destroy the Beacon before she as well is effected.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin by guiding Tanya and her strike team of elite G.I.s and Engineers. You will only have 20 minutes before Tanya and her strike team will be under the influence from the Beacon. Have them go south west across the bridge eliminating any hostile forcesas they go. The Beacon is heavily guarded, so destroying the Tesla reactors should ensure that Tanya's strike team will survive, you can order an engineer to capture a war factory if you wish or the nearby hospital. As you destroy the Psychic Beacon, you will have command of the rest of the units in the area (including some civilians). As you are given a base to establish, you will also have the ability to build Prism Tanks which can level a Soviet base with ease, but does not excell in tank-on-tank combat. As you build a Battle Lab, build around 6 or 8 Prism Tanks with 10 Grizzly Tanks and assault the base to the northeast. The Soviets will have their Desolator which will radiate the area around it , making it dangerous to traverse the area.

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