Future Tank X-1

Future Tank X-1
Future Tank X 1.jpg
Type: Robotic Anti-Surface
Country of Origin: Unknown (It is a Futuretech prototype unit)
Affiliation = * Futuretech
Cost: 3,000
Built at: Armor Facility
Requirements: Defense Bureau
  • Max Clearence
Special Ability: Riot Beam

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

As some Allied manufacturers now work for Futuretech, they are now a part of a special project, a tank that does not to have to be commandeered by a human, a tank that can destroy everything that is considered hostile, and a tank that will serve only the commander it is assigned to. They came up with the Future Tank X 1. Though still in the prototype stage, it has proven that it can be a real force to be reckoned with. It is armed with 2 neutron cannons that fire balls of neutrons that can severely damage any target it sees. It also has a secondary weapon system, the riot beam, though not as powerful as the neutron cannons but it can destroy even a huge armored division.

  • Limitations

Though, it is true that very, very little can actually stand in the way of the Future Tank X 1, but this tank is not absoluetly perfect. Because the tank is quite heavy, it is very slow moving, making it a sitting duck for airborne anti-surface units such as Twinblades and Stryker VX/ Chopper VXs.

[edit] Quotes

  • Ready
  • "Future tank, Operational."

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