Gap Generator

Gap Generator
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 1000
Requires: Allied Battle Lab
Power: - 100

The Gap Generator is very stealthy and considering the way Allies have improved their Gap Generators, that can cause a lot of trouble for their enemies. Gap Generators got only one main purpose, it allows you to shroud your base, despite if an enemy have already revealed your position. Once Gap Generator is deployed, your base that appears on enemy screen will be shrouded in darkness. Gap Generators makes Allied enemies very annoyed, because they have to use all of possible means to reveal your position. In addition they will have a hardest time in deciding the right unit to attack the Allied base. If they want to remove out the shroud created by the Gap Generator then the only possible way is destroying Allies power source. This shows that Gap Generator is another example of Allied perfect defensive capabilities.

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