General Nicolai Krukov

General Nicolai Krukov
Birthplace: Kiev, USSR
Affiliaiton: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Andrew Divoff


[edit] Real History

General Nicolai Krukov is the commanding general of the Soviet forces. Krukov was with Premier Anatoly Cherdenko when he travel into time to remove Professor Albert Einstein from history. He remains his position ad general when Cherdenko became Premier. As the war began, he moved his forces to defend the lines of important Soviet cities, especially Lenningrad. As the Soviets drove the Empire of The Rising Sun out of the Soviet Union, he moved his forces into Europe, he was successful at first when taking the continental Europe, but a quick Allied Retaliation pushed back the Soviets when he ordered his forces to invade Great Britain at Brighton beach, then Krukov's occupation in Europe was over as the allies defeated him in Heidelberg, however he joins the Allies in their fight against the Empire's Black Tortoises. Though, Krukov was to help the Allies in their campaign for the Empire's capital of Tokyo, but was soon turned away. As the Allies defeated the Empire, it was discovered that Krukov was secretly trying to destroy the United States from Havana, with megaton bombs. Krukov was eventually defeated by the Allies and was captured and frozen along with Cherdenko.

[edit] Alternate History (Soviet Campaign)

General Nicolai Krukov was ordered by his leader and good friend Premier Anatoly Cherdenko to move his forces to beat back the Empire of The Rising Sun and drive them out of their country. Then, Krukov even commanded the Soviets in their campaign for Europe, he hepled the Soviets capture Geneva and even Mykonos, but as the Soviets were fighting the Allies in Iceland, it was determined that Krukov was behind the assassination attempt of Cherdenko, and was defeated along with the Allies in Iceland.

[edit] Alternate history (Empire Campaign)

General Krukov fought hard to defend his Mother land against the ferocious Empire of The Rising Sun as the faction was storming through the Union, but Krukov was first defeated by the Empire as his forces fell under the superior weapon of the empire, the Shogun Executioner. But Krukov did not gove up, when the Soviets joined forces with the Allies, Krukov helped the allies with his wn forces to defeat the Empire at the bay city of Yokohama, but that would fail as well, he returned to Moscow and was determined to defeat the Empire so Premier Cherdenko can use his time machine, and once again he went up against the Shogun Executioner who defeated him again and eventually lay waste to Moscow and destroyed Cherdenko's time machine.

[edit] Quotes

  • "Hello, capitalist dogs. I am General Krukov, the one that will bring you defeat today. Begin to witness the might of the Red navy, we will pound your little island until you weep for mercy."
  • "Are you going to attack them commander, or are you gonna hide in your base?"
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