Genetic Mutator

Genetic Mutator
Genetic Mutator.jpg
Affiliation: Yuri's Faction
Cost: 2500
Requires: Yuri's Battle Lab
Power: - 250

Genetic Mutator is an advanced genetic structure. Yuri created lots of mutation trials before it had been perfected, in addition they added new technology that Genetic Mutator now can be activated anywhere on the battlefield. When genetic mutator is activated it creates a huge shock wave which mutates all infantry including your own other than a brute, and turn them into a Brutes. The number of Brutes mutated will depend on how many infantry are inside the target point. Genetic Mutator cannot mutate animals because of DNA differences, but it will instantly kill them. No living creature is able to resist aggressive mutation. Also tank units cannot be affected by the mutation only living organisms.

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