Country: Switzerland
Locale type: Major City
Population: 200,000

[edit] Real History

Geneva was once a border town (between present day France and present day Switzerland) and it was the centerfold of activity during the B.C. times it was then taken by the Kindgdom of Burgundy until the middle ages. Again Geneva was the centerfold of a series of confrontations that happened during this age eventually Geneva became a city in the new Swiss empire. During the French revolution and geneva was involved, after the war it was annexed by the French. Then during the early 19th century, Geneva was taken back by the Swiss. Geneva was also effected by World war 1, and after the war (along with other countries in the world) established the League of Nations (with the Palace being in Geneva), but it sooned disvoled as World War 2 began (which turned into the United Nations after the war). Now, Geneva is the center of European financeand has several famous banks which do their business in Geneva.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviet Union liberated their beloved mother land from the Empire of The Rising Sun and the United States has sworn in their new leader President Howard T. Ackerman who has stengthened the Western Allies in Europe. The Soviets are determined to show to the Allies that they are the more superior faction, they do this by invading Geneva. They destroy the Allied chronoshifted fleet and even cpatured the Swiss banks in the process, increasing their resources and eventually defeating the Allies at Geneva.
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