Giga Fortress

Giga Fortress
Giga Fortress.jpg
Type: Anti-Surface/Anti-Air/Heavy Bomber
Country of Origin: Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Cost: 6,500
Built at: Instant Docks:
Requirements: * Nanotech Mainframe
  • Docks Breakthrough
Special Ability: Convert

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

After the Empire lost the war to the Allies, Crown Prince Tatsu realized that his army did not have a heavy bomber unit, so the Empire had no answer to the Allied Century Bomber and the Soviet Kirov Airship. He ordered robotic plants to come up with their own heavy bomber unit, which resulted in the Giga Fortress. The unit starts off as naval vessel that can deal serious damage to aircraft. however like many of the other Rising Sununits it has an alternate form. In it's alternate form of a floating fortress it can fire on any unit either it be naval, or onshore targets. The fortresses main weapon is its laser which is in the mouth of the unit, can damage anything that is near, it can even destroy targets from a long distance.

  • Limitations

There are notable problems to the Giga Fortress. It is very expensive (infact, more expensive than anything else in the game) and it is produced packed as a Nanocore and that Nanocore must be on the water in order to unpack the fortress. When it is in the air, and despite the fact that it can take even very heavy fire, it is very slow and a sitting duck for either anti-aircraft fire or air superiority units.

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