Type: *(YR)Grinding Structure
  • (RA3U)Special Demolition Unit
Country of Origin: *(YR)Unknown
  • (RA3U)Russia
Affiliation: *(YR)Yuri's Faction
Cost: *(YR)1,000
  • (RA3U)1,600
Built at: War Factory
Requirements: Crusher Crane
Special Ability Charging Speed

[edit] Description(Yuri's Revenge)

The Grinder is one of Yuri's horrifying structure. The Grinder mainly used to crush things that are sent on the Grinder, would it be a infantry unit or tank unit, the Grinder crushes them and after process it would be a profit. This is mostly effective used in battle fields with many civilians on it. Also using Yuri Clones or Yuri Prime in capturing enemy infantry unit or tank unit and directly send them into the Grinder.

[edit] Description (Red Alert 3: Uprising)

  • Abilities

The Soviet Union secretly tried to compensate for the difficulties of building their tank divisions (especially the Apocalypse Tank), so what the Soiets did after they lost the war, is to construct a better, cheaper tank which us as tough as the Apocalypse Tank, the answer is the Grinder. Instead of a gun, it had a steamroller type grinding device, which can eliminate anything that comes close to it either it be inantry, vehicles and even artillery and structures. It is also made to out into the water so it can grind even ships and sea animals as well. Its special ability is the Charging Speed, which it can close in on enemies faster.

  • Limitations

The biggest problem with the Grinder is that it has no means of defense against long range units such as the Athena Cannon or the Wave Force Artillery.

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