Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 1200
Weapon: Missiles
Built at: Allied Warfactory
Requires: Allied Air Force Command
Unit Type: Aircraft
Special Ability: None

Harrier are Allied primary aircraft. They have been used during Great Warfare many times, but when Gattling Cannon came into action they became useless. By pure luck one of these aircraft's crashed into a reactor powering one of Psychic Dominator and put it out of action. By now Harriers would become the weakest of aircraft's since the Soviets Army and Yuri's Army developed their own anti air structure and units, but in large group of harrier they are still quite deadly for enemy tanks. Maverick missiles, which are the basic armament of Harriers have been upgraded to make them more effective against enemy units and infantry. With upgraded missiles, Harriers can easily take out enemy tanks, infantry units and other structures.

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